Dividend Diary – My Monthly Dividend Income

Welcome to the Dividend Diary of the TEV blog, in which I document my monthly dividend income. Here you can find out which companies have generated juicy cash flow for me each month. Besides, I analyze how the month has performed compared to the previous year. In the best case, my dividend income has increased. I also want to document how I have invested in new companies that will increase my future cash flow. 

As you know, I take care of my wealth management. To keep things simple, I have built three pillars:

  • Active income.
  • Passive income.
  • Conversion.

Dividends fall into the last two categories. They are passive because I no longer have to work to receive the payments. Furthermore, they also contribute to the conversion because I reinvest the dividends and thus increase my passive income through dividends for the future.

My monthly dividend income in June:

This month I have received payments (before taxes) from the following companies:

  • Hugo Boss (0.53 EUR)
  • Unilever (10.46USD/9,17 EUR)
  • Johnson & Johnson (5.14USD/4.61 EUR)
  • Archer Daniels Midland (7.58USD/6.62 EUR)
  • IBM (14.32USD/12.84 EUR)
  • Anheuser-Busch InBev (3,85 USD/3.28 EUR)
  • 3M (9.62USD/8.64 EUR)
  • Realty Income (3.56USD/3.18 EUR)
  • Henkel (33.69 EUR)
  • Royal Dutch Shell (6.64 EUR)
  • VFC (11.99USD/10.75 EUR)
  • Deutsche Telekom (45 EUR)
  • Qualcomm (10.46USD/9.93 EUR)

The total dividend income in June was: 154.34 EUR.

Dividend Check

Now let’s see how the performance was compared to the previous year. Last year I received only EUR 123 in dividends in June, which represents an increase of 25 percent. In total, I have received nearly EUR 1000 in dividends this year. If Hugo Boss had not more or less canceled the dividend, my income would have been even higher. With Archer Daniels Midland and Realty Income, I have now also received cash from companies I bought in March and April during the COVID-19 crash.

Besides, some German companies have had to postpone their annual general meetings because of Corona and are therefore unable to pay dividends in their traditional months (in Germany, shareholders must approve the dividend at the annual general meeting). In June, this concerns Vonovia, a residential property company. The company will probably pay a dividend in July.  Nevertheless, my dividend income increased compared to last year, despite Corona, and the problematic economic development. So I am very happy with this development!

The overall development is as follows:

monthly dividend income
Monthly dividend income

Stock purchases in June

In June, I bought more shares of great companies so that the dividends will continue to rise in the future:

  • Iron Mountain (33)
  • PepsiCo. (9)
  • Caterpillar (7)
  • Johnson & Johnson (3)

I did not sell any shares in June but with Iron Mountain and PepsiCo, I bought two companies that I had put on my watch list last month. I am glad that I did not buy Wirecard, even though the company was on my watchlist in June. The company has probably been falsifying its balance sheets for years. I wrote two comments on the whole topic here on the TEV blog (click here) and Seeking Alpha (click here).

It’s all a big load of crap that has come down on investors. I am a shareholder of Wirecard as well, but my shares of the company accounted only for around 1.5 percent of my total portfolio. Looking back, I am glad that I had this diversification. I advise everyone not to have big lumps in the depot. The case shows that in the end, you can’t rely on auditors or authorities and have to build your security mechanisms. Hence, diversification is one of the most efficient security mechanisms you can have in my eyes.

Watchlist for July

In July, there will be some additional purchases of shares. I am relatively flexible here. Either I buy new positions, or I increase my shares in existing investments. The following companies are on my watchlist in particular:

  • Microsoft (MSFT)
  • AB Inbev (BUD)
  • Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM)
  • 3M (MMM)
  • Cisco (CSCO)
  • Bayer
  • Diageo (DEO)

Have you received dividends this month? What’s on your watch list? Let me know and just write in the comments.

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