The Truth About My First Month Blogging – A TEV Report

I have completed the first month of blogging 🙂 In this article, I want to share the truth about my blogging journey. I was particularly looking forward to this kind of article. Since I started the TEV blog, I always wanted both a review of the TEV blog launch and a look ahead. For this, I would like to use the category “TEV Blog Report”.

This category is meant to document my development, my learning processes, my failures, and my successes.

May others who are curious or interested find some thoughts that they can pick up. But there are also so many things that I do not understand and that are not entirely clear to. Therefore I invite everyone to comment diligently on the article.

Let’s take the TEV blog forward 🙂

Where We Are Now

Hurray, the first month is over. So far, it’s been a crazy trip and not always easy to organize my job, my blog, and other analysis. I do not want the quality to be sacrificed to quantity. So when in doubt, I always prefer to take my time. For that, I may miss one or two releases (and therefore the money), but in the long run, I think this is the much better alternative. Since this month was also an excellent month in terms of dividends (I will report), I don’t worry about my additional income 😉

The current COVID-19 crisis should force us to be a little more grateful anyway. I can still do my job 100 percent, my family and friends are doing well, and nobody has had to make any significant sacrifices so far. So I am pleased with my situation, and I am not complaining.

What we have achieved

In the past week, I have worked and published a few pieces here and there. Besides, I have finally designed my blog the way I am satisfied. Finally, I was able to set up Google Analytics correctly so that Analytics does not count my page views twice. Now, I get an excellent overview of the development of the blog.

Published stock market analyses:

I have posted some analyses here on the TEV Blog:

Fundamental Qualcomm Stock Analysis – A Lucky Ride On A Roller Coaster

Procter & Gamble – Fundamental Stock Pick Of The Week

Is The Next Stock Market Crash Imminent?

I have also published the following analyses on investor platforms:

– Facebook’s Announcement Is A Long-Planned Head-On Attack On Amazon

Looks Like Adidas Has Found Its Bottom Now

Henkel Keeps Dividend Stable And Confirms My Investment Thesis

In total, I posted five posts on the TEV blog last week. Just dig through the TEV blog, maybe you’ll find something interesting.

TEV Blog stats

Here comes the best part, namely some nice statistics. Due to the mistake of Google Analytics, the statements about users and pageviews were distorted in the first weeks, so this week I will only give the weekly development again. In June, I will start with a coherent presentation of the respective month.

  • I reached 448Users  (a record!), 429 were new Users.
  • I had 828 Page Views (622 unique page views) and 9 Percent returning users.

Below you can see where my readers come from. I’m so happy that the map is so blue. The TEV Blog conquers the world (a little bit).

You can also see that the majority of my readers come from the USA in the first week of my blogging (279 new users this week).

First Month Blogging

The three best-performing articles of the week were:

1. Ex-Dividend Dates Each Week: May / 5th week

2. Is The Next Stock Market Crash Imminent?

3. Ex-Dividend Dates Each Week: June / 1st week

My personal opinion

After one month, I have more or less integrated the blog into my life. I still regard it as a matter of the heart and less as a business. Of course, I’m happy that the blog is attracting more and more users, but I’m not yet concerned about monetization.

I am very much looking forward to the future!

Please let me know what things I can improve or which might bother you!

All the best


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