The Truth About My First Week Blogging – A TEV Report

In this article, I want to share the truth about my first week of blogging. I was particularly looking forward to this kind of article. Since I started the TEV blog, I always wanted both a review of the TEV blog launch and a look ahead. For this, I would like to use the category “TEV Blog Report”.

This category is meant to document my development, my learning processes, my failures, and my successes.

May others who are curious or interested find some thoughts that they can pick up. But there are also so many things that I do not understand and that are not entirely clear to. Therefore I invite everyone to comment diligently on the article.

Let’s take the TEV blog forward 🙂

Where We Are Now

A little bit more than a few days have now passed since I started the blog. Slowly the post history is filling up with entry after entry. I have not yet established a fixed schedule for the publication of individual articles.

To be honest, I didn’t even think about the exact content of the TEV blog. I was simply looking for a platform where I could be more creative than in my stock market analyses.

So I started by writing some essential articles that I believe could help other people.

After I finally understood Google Analytics a little bit better, it was an exciting thing to welcome readers to my site every day.

And yes, I have to stop sitting in front of Google Analytics and wish that I could personally welcome every single view. I still find it fascinating that people from different countries come to my website.

What we have achieved

In the past week, I have worked and published a lot.

Published stock market analyses:

I have published the following analyses on investor platforms:

Nvidia’s Share Of The Mega Cake Is Getting Bigger And Bigger

General Mills Might Be Everybody’s Darling Again

Wirecard’s Fair Value Must Be Reduced After It Lost The Trust Of Its Investors

My German Tencent analysis was also published on many platforms:

Published TEV blog posts

Besides, I have published 7 blog posts. Just dig through the TEV blog, maybe you’ll find something interesting.

TEV Blog stats

Actually, here comes the best part, namely some nice statistics.

  • I reached 356 Users, 350 were new Users.
  • I had 1503 Page Views and 10 Percent returning users.

Below you can see where my readers come from. I’m so happy that the map is so blue. The TEV Blog conquers the world (a little bit).

You can also see that the majority of my readers come from the USA in the first week of my blogging (201 new users so far).

First week blogging - Users by location


The three best-performing articles of the week were:

1. New Exclusive Stock Analyses on Seeking Alpha + Update For Wirecard In The Comments

2. Ex-Dividend Dates Each Week: May / 2nd week

3. 4 Stocks That Crashed Badly Before They Brought Wealth And Prosperity

My personal opinion

First of all, I’m just happy that everything works so well, the site is stable and the first content is online.

By the way, I have passed the 6000 follower mark on Seeking Alpha! Yeah 🙂

Overall, this was a good first week of blogging. I can probably already make some money through advertising or affiliate marketing.

But I have no idea about it, so I will let this opportunity pass for now. But it’s great to see that you can easily handle such projects with the necessary discipline and the right ambition.

I am very much looking forward to the future!

Please let me know what things I can improve or which might bother you!

All the best


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