General Mills Shares Analysis: New exclusive analysis on Seeking Alpha

I have published a new analysis exclusively on Seeking Alpha in which I analyze General Mills shares. Here on the TEV blog, you can discuss the analysis with me and others.

Click here for the analysis

Why this post?

As I have already written, the TEV blog has several purposes. First and foremost, I intend to expand the possibilities of communication with my readers. Since I publish analyses on several platforms, readers can ask questions centrally here or discuss the analyses with the community. I also do not always have all the analyses in view at the same time. That’s why it’s practical to have a central hub with the TEV blog, where all the strings come together.

The Qualcomm shares analysis is free of charge for a while

The analysis is available free of charge for a while. After that, however, Seeking Alpha will put the analysis behind a paywall. If readers want access to the article, they can simply leave a comment because I can free single pieces from the paywall.

So enjoy the analysis while it is still accessible for free!

All the best


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