How A New Theme Gave My PageSpeed Insight Score A Boost

As always, with the TEV report, I want to share the truth about my blogging journey. I was particularly looking forward to this kind of article. This week, I will tell you how a new WordPress theme gave my Pagespeed Insight score a big boost. 

This category is meant to document my development, my learning processes, my failures, and my successes. May others who are curious or interested find some thoughts that they can pick up. But there are also so many things that I do not understand and that are not entirely clear to me. Therefore I invite everyone to comment diligently on the article.

Let’s take the TEV blog forward!

Where we are now: Look we have a new theme 🙂

Meanwhile, I am already three weeks “in the game”. That’s not that much, I guess. However, I have already thrown everything over the top and set up an entirely new WordPress theme.

What happened?

I had used the WPPrimePro Theme before and was happy with it. Above all, I still mourn the design of this theme. Besides, support was also excellent. Questions were answered extremely quickly and to my satisfaction. However, I had some page speed problems, which I could not fix even with plugins.

It wasn’t terrible, but a mobile score of around 50 and a desktop score under 90 was a little less than I would have wished for.

Well, I just tend to do things right from the start rather than having double work at the end. That’s why I bought the Generate Press Premium Theme ($39). Some say that this is probably one of the fastest WP themes available. And indeed, my score has improved and is now in a range that I can live with:

PageSpeed Insight Theme change

For now, I will leave everything as it is and make no further changes to the design for the time being (except for small things maybe). Hopefully, I have more time now to create nice content 🙂

What we have achieved

Due to the surprising change of my theme, I was less productive with new articles than initially announced. Instead, I spent the nights again and dealt with the one or other CSS programming. But that does not bother me. That’s just the way it is. I don’t plan the TEV blog on the drawing board but enjoy the ride, no matter where it takes me.

I put the “The Essential” label on an article. Let me know what you think:

The Big Mistake With Multiple Passive Income Streams

Published stock market analyses:

I have published some analyses here on the TEV Blog:

Microsoft Fundamental Stock Analysis: An Expensive Ride On Cloud Seven

Best Winner Stocks For Cloud Computing With Or Without Dividends

Ford & GM Analysis – Fundamental Stock Comparison Of The Week

I have also published the following analyses on investor platforms:

– Facebook’s Announcement Is A Long-Planned Head-On Attack On Amazon

Digging Into IBM’s Discount

Mayr-Melnhof: With Foresight And Success Through The Crisis

Things didn’t go so bad this week, I just realized!

In total, I posted six posts on the TEV blog last week. Just dig through the TEV blog, maybe you’ll find something interesting.

TEV Blog stats

Actually, here comes the best part, namely some nice statistics.

  • I reached 170 Users, 149 were new Users.
  • I had 655 Page Views and 16 Percent returning users.

Below you can see where my readers come from. I’m so happy that the map is so blue. The TEV Blog conquers the world (a little bit).

You can also see that the majority of my readers come from the USA in the first week of my blogging (150 new users this week).

TEV Stats

The three best-performing articles of the week were:

1. Ex-Dividend Dates Each Week: May / 5th week

2. The Big Mistake With Multiple Passive Income Streams

3. Best Winner Stocks For Cloud Computing With Or Without Dividends

My personal opinion

The third week was great. The number of users and page views has decreased. Somehow the change of the theme has also destroyed Google Analytics. First, it didn’t work for a day, then I set it up again, and now the bounce rate is back to 0 percent. I still have to get that under control I guess…

I am very much looking forward to the future!

Please let me know what things I can improve or which might bother you!

All the best


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