4 Stocks That Crashed Badly Before They Brought Wealth And Prosperity

In this article, I’ll show you 4 stocks that crashed badly before they brought wealth and prosperity. Keep this list in mind for the next stock market crash. It shows you that it can be worthwhile to hold a share in the long term. The following four companies are a good example that such a strategy can pay off exceptionally well. In each case, the analysis extends from the time of the IPO until today. 

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Performance Amazon Stock Crashed


Performance Apple Stock crashed badly


Performance Netflix


Cisco Performance


The four companies are excellent examples of how long-term investment can be worthwhile. Anyone who had the courage to invest here right from the start is now a rich and prosperous person. However, it is also clear that there is no quick and easy way to achieve this prosperity.

Besides, there will always be phases in which you will suffer severe book losses. The shares of these four companies have crashed badly at least once. Apple, for example, lost 50 percent of its value in one day. On a day like this, you don’t have time to react. You just have to sit it out, close your eyes and move on. It’s better to stay in the valley a while longer than to miss the summit. You might even invest more money in the company if you continue to believe in the business model! This way, you could benefit from the cost-average effect.


Whatever you decide, all the best!



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Do you also have stocks that have crashed badly? How have you dealt with this? Did you find it easy to ride it out?

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