Now Here I Am, A Fool For Sure! From The European View To The TEV Blog

So here I am and maybe you know me as The European View from other investment platforms. But here, it is all about the TEV Blog. 

There are hardly any lines of words that describe my starting point of the TEV Blog better than the excerpt from “Faust (Chap. 1)” by Johann Wolfgang Goethe:

And here, poor fool! with all my lore
I stand, no wiser than before:
I’m Magister—yea, Doctor—high,
And straight or cross-wise, wrong or right,
These ten years long, with many woes,
I’ve led my scholars by the nose,—
And see, that nothing can be known!
That knowledge cuts me to the bone.

To be honest, I also have no idea how exactly to run a blog, how to “acquire” readers, and, most importantly, how to keep readers. And yet I started the TEV blog. I just want to try something here. It is a hobby, a project, and somehow, I can already see that, a heart’s matter.

My colaborations with various investor platforms were already a hobby that took up a lot of time, but also gave me a fair share of pleasure in return. Furthermore, it was a constant process of learning. I have learned so many useful things that I would otherwise never have attempted without these platforms. One example is Excel. It is so banal, but I was happy like a child at Christmas when I discovered more and more functions and was able to integrate them into my analyses.

“You know nothing, TEV!”

This learning process now continues seamlessly with the TEV Blog. I know practically nothing about blogging. Of course, I know terms like SEO, etc. I also like to read blogs. But watching a soccer player and kicking the ball yourself in a full stadium are two completely different things.

When I finally connected Google Analytics to the TEV Blog, I was excited as the first views from all corners of this beautiful world arrived. Someone is sitting at a computer or mobile phone and reading my thoughts. It is really delightful (best regards to you at this point!). In moments like these, I am especially glad not to write in my mother tongue.

There are only a few visitors so far. But the journey has just begun, and I look forward to sharing the many single steps, successes, and setbacks here. Maybe I will meet one or the other reader here again. I am looking forward to…

All the best